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Promise Of Eve - An action/drama, limited series for streaming
Promise Of Eve - An action/drama, limited series for streaming

In "Promise Of Eve," an introspective forensic accountant is plummeted back into a world she thought she’d escaped—the dark web—in order to save herself and confront the mother of all codes, a computer algorithm nicknamed “Eve.”

Think, “Hackers” meets “John Wick” in a world increasingly driven by high tech snake oil in this limited series for streaming.

I’ve always loved Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey.” However, as a woman, I felt a bit left out of its narrative structure. That’s when I found Maureen Murdock’s The Heroine’s Journey. Murdock’s diagrams have inspired PROMISE OF EVE and its strong female protagonist who subverts the trope of the male-dominated digital space, as her right and left brain work in unison to survive and ultimately thrive.

Poems by Emily Dickinson bookend each episode and inform our protagonist, Lil, and the intensely private place of mind and spirit she inhabits—the “landscape of spirit” and “undiscovered continent” that Dickinson so eloquently and enigmatically penned.