White Noise/The Peacekeeper Collaboration

"White Noise/The Peacekeeper" Installation; Collaboration with Marissa Solini

“White Noise/The Peacekeeper” Installation; Collaboration with Marissa Solini

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“WHITE NOISE/THE PEACEKEEPER,” a collaborative project by Kathleen Caprario and Marissa Solini was among the works presented at the “Salon: Portland2016 Biennial The Studio Visits” exhibition. The project was selected for inclusion by the Portland2016 Biennial curator, Michelle Grabner and was represented by a video (04:00) that featured images of its wood and plaster sculpture by Marissa Solini with audio and video designed by Kathleen Caprario.

Media coverage of racially motivated and institutional violence targeting African Americans is sadly routine. Yet many feel far removed from the reality of that violence. By staying quiet do we send the message that these occurrences are okay? What grounds do we have—as white artists—to make work commenting on this? As intergenerational white female collaborators, we bring these questions to the work.