Wallpapers (2010-current)

The Dreamings, bioDIVERSITY and Ridgeline collages are an ongoing series of mixed media “wallpapers” and explore the patterns that inform our relationship with and experience of the environment and each other. The work references the trope of wallpaper; landscape is frequently considered in Western societies as merely the backdrop against which human activity occurs that alters and consumes its natural resources. In this way, it is similar to wallpaper, an important but often overlooked environmental influence and asks the question, “How am I shaped by my environment?”

The collages are made with cut-outs or torn and reconfigured papers, and are either irregular in form and installed directly to the wall or adhered to birch veneer panels. The act of cutting into the painted papers (Ridgeline works) defines and questions the boundaries identified while the irregular edges of the Dreaming and bioDIVERSITY series give a physicality to the collage forms and suggests that they are fragments of some larger, dynamic whole. Black and white linear continuations rhythmically traverse the painted surface and suggest the various pathways that I originally drew and observed in nature. I have graphically realized the flight of birds and my own movements through the land as an abstract mapping system that depicts the journey from one destination point to another.

Within this series, I created the “Playa Scape” watercolors and drawings while at an artist residency at the Playa Foundation, Summer Lake, OR (2011). That opportunity, plus a residency at the Graves’ Foundation (2009) and living and working with Aboriginal children in Central Australia (2010) inspired the “Dreamings” series and continues to inform its creation.

HJ Andrews Experimental Forest, Blue River Ranger District, OR
Playa Foundation, Summer Lake, OR
Morris Graves’ Foundation, Loleta, CA
S.W.I.R.L Program, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia