Transition Zones (2003-2007)

The “Transition Zones” work does not intend to depict a literal interpretation of space whose task is to seduce the viewer into believing in something which is not, but rather to identify the spatial movements that map and quantify an experience not necessarily observational but physical nonetheless to create a story of space. The “Transition Zones” paintings may be viewed as individual pieces or installed in a grouped, grid-configuration to create an expanded composition and narrative.

I did not paint for two years after a personal loss in 2001 and found that once I was ready to work again, I could not go back to the style and subject of my earlier pieces. A new, more authentic visual and conceptual vocabulary needed to be articulated–my voice reimagined. I stripped away all observational references and, at first, imposed limitations on myself such as using only three shapes and a restricted palette. Those limitations and an emphasis on process renewed my curiosity and initiated for me a very dynamic period of creative growth.

My color use suggests atmospheres that aspire to the intangible weight of the sublime while simultaneously acknowledging the hierarchy of the surface structure and its materiality. Paint–plastic and full of possibility–is the perfect vehicle for metaphor and is essentially poetic in its material nature. While it can depict the empirical and observational, it always holds out part of itself for the expression of what is known without words and felt without reason.