Losing Boundaries (2007-2009)

The “Losing Boundaries” paintings emphasize process, materiality and the plasticity of the acrylic media. I layered, flooded and removed paint, often mimicking the natural effects of erosion and sedimentation. Those actions created a topography on the paintings’ surfaces that recorded simultaneously my experience of and my response to my subject–the land. The haze produced by regional forest fires became a painted veil that seductively separated that which was clear, spatial and present from that which was obscured, absent or diminished. Force and matter combined to generate images conceived without intentionality and suggest a loss of boundaries, and the transition between control and chaos. Geometric stripes allude to a mapping system and quantify the visual information presented. The graphic gestalt of the stripes allows for the perception of patterns and spaces that were painted without my having a predetermined outcome in mind—chaos embraced.

The acrylic on wood panel paintings of the “Losing Boundaries” series were initiated at a month-long artist residency in 2007 at the Jentel Foundation in Northeast Wyoming; the beautifully rugged and ever-changing landscape of the area served as both observational and conceptual inspiration for the resulting work.

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