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The “Illuminations” are representative of a fifteen-year period between the mid 1980’s and 2001. The paintings are done on three-quarter inch, birch veneer wood panels–the firmness of the wood panel surface preferred to that of canvas and offering opportunities for patterned embellishment and leafing on the edges. The patterning was done using leather stamping or homemade tools and was intricately designed and applied—thousands of “punches” are worked on each piece. Lenox 100 rag paper is used as the support for the drawings, and an ebony pencil, rather than oil paint, creates the central image.

The leafed area surrounding the central image is an integral part of the piece, providing a separation between the interior image and the outside world in much the same way as medieval artists used gold leaf as “light materialized” in the creation of icons.

The “Illuminations” works are windows that open onto a familiar, yet different view of reality and evoke a dream-like journey of the imagination. The implied element of light is used to create a sense of expectancy–a waiting for something to occur, to unfold with the viewer being the only witness to that moment in time.

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